Inspire Growth and Positive Change In Your Context
Self-mastery coaching supports you in fulfilling your vision 
by addressing the two most vital factors in high quality leadership and personal relationships: 
Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. 
-Solve big problems and find innovative solutions.

-Acknowledge blind spots and consciously manage feelings and reactions. 

-Navigate social situations with skill and creativity.

Four Ways I Support Clients:
Personal Coaching
What: Personal self-mastery coaching completely custom-tailored to your personal vision, values, strengths, barriers, and journey. Areas impacted most are self-awareness,emotional intelligence,  relationships, personal and professional growth, and overall fulfillment with  life.
Who: High performing men and women with big visions and a desire to live an extraordinary life.
When: Ongoing. However, my availability for one-on-one clientele is limited. Please apply below.
  • Clarified personal and professional vision.
  • Deepened Intimacy & connection with loved ones.
  • Feeling of abundance in time and energy.
  • Playfulness, Enthusiasm, & Purpose in the day-to-day.
  • Identified root cause of your biggest internal barriers.
  • Deep coaching to support you in overcoming deep personal barriers.
Sexy Life Academy
What: A live, virtual 8-week self-mastery group coaching program. Deep coaching concepts and live application through our weekly group sessions.  Coaching content includes identity, self-concept, time & energy management, vision & goals, mindset, beliefs, habits, emotional mastery, sex, connection, and communication. 
Who: Visionary business-owning women who are growing a business while raising a family.
When: Hosted on a quarterly basis. Our next one begins in January.
  • Clarity, enthusiasm, and engagement in relationships + business.
  • Improved self-awareness and understanding of personal strengths & barriers.
  • Emotional intelligence tools and principles you can apply to ANY relationship or interaction.
  • Improved intimacy & connection with loved ones.
  • Weekly accountability and support. 
Sexy Mama Visionaries
What: A virtual high-performance coaching group  focused on performance and business results. Includes weekly power strategy sessions, monthly coaching calls, recommendations on tools & resources to support you in your business, and a quarterly copy of the Momlife Mastery Planner mailed to you.
Who: Visionary  business-owning women who are growing a business while raising a family.
When: Ongoing. You may join anytime. 
  • Clarified personal and professional vision.
  • Access to proven business and time-mastery tools.
  • Vision casting, strategic planning, and clarifying of goals with support.
  • Consistent coaching and group accountability
  •  Shared insights from the inspiring women in our private community.
  • High-performance coaching focused on results.
What: A 1-day immersive experience of deep coaching, emotional intelligence training, live application, connection, and personal pampering (massage + facial). Coffee, lunch, snacks, and wine provided.
Who: Professional women who’d like to experience the impact of self-mastery coaching on their relationships, lives, and businesses, without yet committing to personal coaching. Max of five participants.
When:  Hosted on a quarterly basis, on a Saturday.
  • Clarified personal and professional vision.
  • Clarified personal and professional action plan for your first quarter of 2018.
  • Emotional intelligence tools and principles you can apply to ANY relationship or interaction.
  • Identified root cause of your biggest internal barriers.
  • Deep coaching to support you in overcoming deep personal barriers.
What My Clients Have to Say...

Jessica, MBA, QBO Advanced ProAdvisor

Coaching is something I never figured I would benefit from, because I’ve done an extensive amount of self work, personal development…therapy, reading motivational books, learning how to work smarter…I’ve had a lot of perspective changes…this has really allowed me to reframe my approach, my days, my weeks, and get my sanity back as well as be more present and feel more fulfilled in what I am doing, instead of always (feeling like I’m) slaving away. I’ve been able to consistently grow and scale my current business, and am preparing to launch my third business soon.

Katie, Keller Williams Agent

I started coaching with Luci in just the nick of time. Little did I know that I would be in a business transaction that throughout most of the summer, would push and challenge me in ways I hadn’t navigated before. It was a very difficult time for me psychologically which resulted in bouts of anxiety that I had never experienced before, ever. Talking with Luci every week and working through the coaching steps and answering questions, gave me the tools to be empowered and find my bad-ass overcoming self (she had been hidden for a very long time). Having that support, accountability and tools to take ownership but also to apply techniques that I’d never implemented before made a world of difference for me. I cannot articulate how grateful I am to have experienced this. Luci is a fantastic version of tough love. She comes from a place of genuinely caring about others and because of that, she challenges the excuses and limitations that hold us back from being our best selves.

Marie, former BlueCrossBlueShield Senior Project Director

I’ve been working with Luci Lampe as my coach for a little over 6 months now and she is amazingly gifted and successful in this arena. You don't have to be a mom or a working (I am retired ) professional to reap the benefits of her process to focus, direct, visualize your best self as well as learn to apply coaching tools that Luci employs with you to help you attain your goals! 

Dana, DoTERRA Presidential Diamond

About 4 years ago after my 4th baby was born that desire to start, create, and grow was so strong. I found myself diving headfirst into the health and wellness industry, specifically essential oil education - I found myself coming alive. The explosive growth of our business felt like business school on steroids, and in the meantime we started a second complementary business, and then a third. Sexy Life Academy came at such a key time. My years of fast paced building had pushed my work life balance, well, out of balance. I also lacked clarity on what I wanted - not just in theory, but in practice. Working with Luci and visualizing the results was an eye-opening exercise for me. I loved our weekly calls, and the short podcasts that would pour a sense of nourishment into me throughout my week. In an essence, Sexy Life Academy helped me to get my life back again - with clarity and focus on my goals. It was an empowering experience that all boss babes and high vibe ladies need to jump on!

Andi, Coach and Entrepreneur

…the inner self reflection, that us moms really don’t take time to know how we want to feel and what we want to feel and accomplish, and to take time to really visualize that. It solidified my mission, my purpose, and vision for others….I didn’t realize how deeply it meant to me. It’s like a light bulb going off, like an aha moment. I highly recommend Luci and her coaching, she’s a phenomenal lady and one I’m really, really honored to know and to work with.
Additional benefits my clients have experienced:
  • Satisfying Romantic Relationship
  • Deepened Connection with Loved Ones
  • Improved Communication
  • Deepened Understanding of Self
  • Released Sexual Inhibitions
  • Transformed Emotional Fitness
  • Clarity of Goals and Vision
  • Presence and Full Engagement
  • Extraordinary Energy Levels
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Physical Fitness
  • Renewed Enthusiasm and Inspiration
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